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    Crème Brule Protein Waffles  

    In an effort to branch out and master the art of protein baking, I bought a waffle maker. Best decision ever! This particular batch was light, fluffy, and beyond flavorful. Enjoy! Feel free to substitute ingredients as desired.

    1) 16g Jiffy all purpose baking mix
    2) 18g Muscle Pharm combat powder
    3) 3 tbsp egg whites
    4) 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
    5) cinnamon (topping)
    6) 70cal Jello sugarfree rice pudding creme bruhlee (topping)
    7) Walden Farms chocolate syrup (topping)

    Combine ingredients 1-4 in a bowl and mix. Spray and preheat waffle maker or griddle. Cook thoroughly using method of choice. Top waffles evenly with sugarfree rice pudding and Chocolate syrup. Apply cinnamon, and enjoy!

    24 carbs/ 26 protein/ 6 fat


    Cookies N Cream Protein Donuts

    Because sprinkles! A perfect (and healthy) alternative to your Saturday morning Krispy Kreme! Add sprinkles, compliment with coffee, and indulge! This classic pronut recipe is simple, easy to prepare, and delicious! Low carb dieters, feel free to substitute oats with an additional 1/2 scoop of protein.


    1) 40g oats / oat flour
    2) 1 scoop cookies n cream MP combat powder
    3) 92g egg whites
    4) 2 packets truvia
    5) 1 tsp baking powder
    6) dark chocolate sugar free jello pudding (topping)
    7) sprinkles (topping)

    Preheat oven to 350. Blend ingredients 1-5 for 30 seconds. Add water if necessary to reach desired consistency (the batter should be "pourable", not too thick or too "runny"). Pour batter into donut pan molds and heat for 10-13 mins. Glaze with pudding, top with sprinkles, and  enjoy!

    52 carbs/ 41 protein/ 7 fat


    Zoodles- Zuchini Noodle Pasta

    Mmmm pasta, America's favorite Italian classic. What's not to love? It's Delicious, succulent, and dense. It's perfect for date night or for energy system replenishment. For the carb conscious, however, this may pose a problem. If your restrictive daily carbohydrate allowance prevents you from eating regular pasta noodles, then give this low carb zucchini noodle recipe a try! This recipe is easy, quick, convenient, and delicious. Heck, you may not even notice a difference between this "modified" spaghetti recipe and your favorite Italian dish!  



    10 mins (excluding any additional meat cooking prep time) 


    1) spiralize zucchini using a spiralizer (I use a Padermo spiralizer, but a handheld spiralizer works just fine- See images below)
    2) cook noodles in a pan on low to moderate heat for 1-5 mins. (NOTE: Zucchini is 90% water by volume. Longer cooking times yield smaller portion sizes. I cook mine for 60-120 seconds max).
    3) add seasonings of choice (I use Mrs. dash salt free seasoning)
    4) once noodles begin to soften, add meat and sauce (have ingredients precooked/pre measured and ready to go). With how quickly zucchini noodles cook, consider microwaving  the sauce on top instead. 
    5) plate food and enjoy!


    1) 350g zucchini
    2) 2/3 cup Organic Marinara sauce
    3) seasonings of choice
    4) lean meat (sausage, turkey, etc) of choice (optional-not pictured)



    16 carbs/ 6 protein/ 2 fat (Macros will vary with added ingredients- lean meats, fat free cheese, etc)