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    B.S. kinesiology, CSUF, 2013
    NSCA CSCS, 2014
    NASM CPT, 2010
    NASM PES, 2011
    NASM CES, 2011

    My Philosophy:

    We, at Bearbell Athletics, bridge the gap between fitness as science and fitness as art. Essentially, fitness is the art of movement.  As artists, we convey passion through enjoyment. There are thousands of different ways to move, and we believe that you should embrace the style that best suits your desires. As science advocates, we understand the law of specificity- you get out of your training what you put into it. Various components (ex: the type of activity, volume, frequency, intensity, speed of movement, etc) determine how your body adapts to training (ex: Improved peed, strength, muscle size, endurance, flexibility, etc). You are the canvas, fitness is your paintbrush, and the sky is the limit! Embrace Bearbell Athletics and create your masterpiece.

    My Mission:

    I do not care about your money, I care about your work ethic. I am very passionate about what I do. I put a tremendous amount of time and effort into customizing each and every one of your programs to suit your specific goals and needs. So match my effort. Meet me halfway. If you are up for the challenge, then give my services a shot. If you are not willing to give me your all, then don't. Let's do this. 

    As an educator, I aim to teach you the fundamental concepts underlying your fitness venture. My services include exercise programming, macro nutrient -based nutritional recommendations and monitoring, weekly check ins, and around the clock email support. I assess your goals, capabilities, lifestyle, food and equipment availability, and write your program accordingly.You must be open-minded and willing to learn. Remember, I do not want your money, I crave your success. Rates will vary from person to person based on individual needs. Want results? Then email me now, at bearbellathletics@gmail.com for your custom online coaching quote today!





    ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, 2015
    INBA Figure Competitor 
    Bachelor of Arts – Penn State University (GPA 3.6) 2011
    Master of Arts – American Military University (Magna Cum Laude) (GPA 3.9) 2013
    U.S. Navy Veteran 2001-2005
    U.S. Army Veteran 2005-2009
    Personal Background
    Just to introduce myself a bit. I am originally from Bonaparte Iowa, small town U.S.A. Fitness was always huge in my household; I was active in softball, basketball, volleyball, drill team, and track from grade school through graduation. 

    I left at 18 for the Navy and served aboard the U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard out of San Diego, CA.  After 4 deployments and the end of my contract I decided to do a direct transfer utilizing the new Blue to Green program and joined the Army. I was stationed a number of places to include Ft. Huachuca, AZ, Osan South Korea, and El Paso, TX. After finishing my contract, I left active duty for good and went to college. 

    I graduated from Penn State University in 2011 earning my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and immediately began working on my Master’s degree graduating from American Military University in 2013 earning my Master’s in Psychology.
    After working for the state, of Texas, with mentally ill clients, I found myself extremely unhappy and continually stressed. My fitness and my diet suffered. After discussing options with my husband, we decided that I would take this time to figure out what would make me happy; what did I want to be when I grew up?

    I refocused myself to my fitness and diet, got back into powerlifting and began enjoying myself again. Slowly it dawned on me that this is what makes me happy. It’s rare to not only find your passion but to be able to do it for a living. I recommitted myself fully to both eating properly and training hard. 
    Throughout my childhood, time in the military, college, and professional life I have consistently focused on a healthy fit lifestyle. My experience encompasses bodybuilding and powerlifting, to include: 5/3/1, Y3T and The Conjugate Method. In addition, I have been a vegetarian (10 years), and implemented at various times over the last few years Carb-Backloading and the Carb Nite Solution (John Keifer), Whole 30, If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM), and a Ketogenic diet.

    No one person is made the same nor do they respond the same to the same training and or nutritional approach (or respond at the same speed).  I approach each client separately based on their current nutritional standing and the best approach to helping them reach their goals. 
    Commitment to a healthy lifestyle, centered on knowledgeable approachs to both nutrition and training, will allow you to become the best version of yourself. Trust the process, believe in your ability, and you will reach goals you only imagined.   




    Vanessa’s passion for fitness began at a young age, as a dancer and competitive athlete.  Her pride is her great understanding and appreciation for the dedication and discipline it takes to achieve one’s fitness goals.  With the concentration on alignment, core integration and functional movements, Vanessa is able to create a unique total body workout for each client, not only increasing definition and strength, but improving posture, balance, and allowing for more ease in everyday activity.   
    Vanessa prides herself in her creative training methods.  She views each client as an individual and gears her sessions in the direction that is suitable for each person.  Instead of focusing primarily on machines, or traditional exercises that get boring, she provides her clients with a challenging, but fun hour of fitness, integrating Pilates and dance philosophies into her sessions.  Vanessa is a motivator and positive force and will help make your personal fitness goals attainable.

    Vanessa Lynn Campos holds a B.A. in Dance from Connecticut College (1999) and an M.F.A. in Dance from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (2002).  In 1996, Vanessa had the opportunity to study and teach at the Beijing Dance Academy in Beijing, China and in 1997, Vanessa spent one college semester at the London contemporary dance center at the Place, in London, England. Upon completing her M.F.A., she was a founding member of the Dodge Dance Company and performed on stages in New York City from 2002-2008. 

    Vanessa discovered her love for personal training in 2002 obtained certifications from AFTA and the PhysicalMind institute, as well as completing continuing education certifications in exercises for osteoporosis, pre-natal fitness, and studying gait and posture. She is also a Qulaified TRX Suspension System Pro Trainer and is currently studying for CPT certification though ACTION.  In 2014 Vanessa fell in love with obstacle course racing and has since completed the Spartan Race trifecta, and has competed in several other OCRs.  Another new avenue Vanessa has explored is in all-natural physique competitions, placing 2nd in her first figure competition(WNBF) and walking away with 2 first place finishes and 2 pro cards in only her 2nd competition(International Physique League).  Her double win landed her the cover of Natural Magazine International’s September 2015 issue. 
    To learn more about Vanessa and her online fitness services, please visit her website at www.vcnfitness.com, subscribe to the VCNfitness youtube channel at www.youtube.com/c/vcnfitness or follow her on Facebook and Instagram at Vanessacnfitness.



    Credentials: ACSM-CPT, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, BS in Exercise Science
    Training Style: I like to mix strength training with intervals, to keep workouts exciting and functional. I incorporate nutrition education with all of my training and often create a nutrition prescription based around an individual’s BMR/ TDEE and give them their specific macronutrient needs. My goal as a trainer is that you always finish feeling better, stronger, and happy with yourself.  
    Contact info: ltip.fit@gmail.com
    Ltip.fitness on Instagram
    Facts: I played field hockey all through high school.
    I went to Towson University in Maryland.
    I moved to Colorado in 2015 and have fallen in love with the mountains.
    My hobbies include hiking, cooking/baking, reading, eat/lift/sleep/repeat.
    Bio: After high school I was a chef and went to culinary school for baking and pastry, then on to business classes, and finally pursued a degree in health and wellness. I took the love of sports and my background in them to focus my degree towards exercise science. I took my passion and skill for culinary arts to start creating healthier recipes that don’t skimp on flavors. I’m currently working towards creating my own cookbook centered on protein desserts! I decided to pursue a certification in nutrition so that I could help people with all aspects of health and wellness and because I personally love learning about it.

    During my college internship I worked extensively with young athlete and sharpened my skills at PNF stretching and Range of Motion exercises to reduce injury. 
    In 2014 I tore my ACL in a freak accident, and had a nightmare recovery after the reconstruction surgery. I ended up having to get a 2nd surgery in early 2015 and have been doing physical therapy and working with a Muscle Activation Technique specialist as well as using my own knowledge to try and rebuild my strength in my leg. I’ve had to overcome a lot in the past year from this injury but each day it gets just a bit better. It’s helped me learn much more about biomechanics of the body, rehabilitation and give me a new perspective when working with clients who are recovering from an injury.

    With over 4 years of personal training experience under my belt, I have worked with a variety of clientele. I have seen and helped with everything from life changing weight loss successes to helping young athletes work towards that extra edge on the field. I’ve worked with clients in a one on one setting in a gym, small groups outside in clinics, larger class styles running conditioning drills, in client’s homes and online via Skype or through written training and nutrition plans. It has become not only my career but my passion to help people become healthier, stronger, and happier.




    Credentials: NASM-CPT, ATC
    Degree: B.S in Kinesiology with a concentration in athletic training from Longwood University.
    NPC Women’s Physique and Women’s Bodybuilding Competitor

    As a highly competitive and multisport athlete the majority of my younger years, I have always been very active, but not necessarily the leanest or most fit.  Often times I was mocked for my thunder thighs and larger stature than most girls my age. It wasn’t until I entered college as a division I athlete that fell in love with my monstrous thighs which allowed me to lift heavy weights and generate explosive

    Obtaining my degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in athletic training gave me an exciting insight into the human body, initiating my fitness journey and strengthening my own training program. As an athletic trainer, I treated and rehabilitated many injured athletes and patients with various injuries and
    conditions. It was a rewarding experience to be a vital part in their recovery, but there were times I still felt like I wasn’t making the impact I expected. After working long hours for four years and becoming burnt out as a certified athletic trainer, I finally realized my lack of satisfaction in my current field was due to the interrupted pursuit of my passion for fitness.

    With the belief that exercise and proper nutrition are the most overlooked and powerful preventative medicines, I began my new career and obtained my personal training certification. Soon after, I started pursuing my goal to compete in a bodybuilding competition. As mentioned earlier, I have never been lean or ever had visible abs; a requirement for any bodybuilding competition. Although I had walked
    into a world of unknowns with little outside guidance for competition prep, I was determined to succeed. In the spring of 2015 I took myself to the stage three times and was fortunate enough to place in all three, as well as qualify for NPC nationals in women’s physique and women’s bodybuilding. Competing is exciting, however it is not just about the spray tan, the glam, or the trophies. It’s mainly to display my
    passion and dedication in hopes to inspire my clients to work hard toward their goals. 
    My experience goes well beyond bodybuilding competitions and includes powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and HIIT cardio training. In addition, I have implemented various nutrition programs such as carb-cycling, reverse dieting post- competition, IIFYM, and the ketogenic diets.

    My mission is to inspire and educate those who want to journey to a healthier and happier version of themselves, no matter their experience. For more information about my coaching and training programs, visit www.basyebodyfitness.com.
    Happy lifting! ;)