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    We want you! The Athletic Armory REP program gives you and other hardcore fitness professional an opportunity to represent us!


    Program details:  

    As a rep, you will receive a 25% off discount code to purchase products from our website. This code is for you to use, and for you to use only. The more often you rep your Athletic Armory apparel, the better your chances are for success within our program. 

    The incentive program follows a point based system. You will earn 1 point every time your code is used on www.theathleticarmory.com. Every time your code is used and a point is earned, you will be notified by email or via the Facebook HUB page. If you choose to use our custom tracking software, then you will have an individual dashboard with trackable stats! There, you can view your leads, sales, etc! If you would like to know your point total at any time, or sign up for our custom customer tracking program, then simply notify Jeff or josh and we will give you your total.

    For every 10 points that you accumulate, you will receive a voucher for a FREE piece of MERCHANDISE from our website, www.theathleticarmory.com. You can choose from any one of our vast array of products.

    How To Be Successful: 

    Be patient, be consistent, and stay motivated.

    Be patient. It may take some time for you to start accumulating points. Do not get discouraged. Grind away! Use Facebook HUB page marketing content as often as possible, connect with others (be interactive), build your following, and post your code.

    Be consistent! You are your own brand. Work hard and others will notice. Remember, sales is a numbers game. The more frequently you post, the more likely you are to earn points.

    STAY MOTIVATED! Don't lose your focus! Stay hungry. The more motivated you are as a rep, the more likely you are to hustle. The harder you hustle, the greater your success. See a trend? It is a guaranteed cycle of awesomeness and personal gains!.. as long as you stay motivated. It will not be easy, and it will require some work, but it will be worth it. Grind away.

    The Facebook HUB is your marketing content database. We will provide images of all the products available on www.theathleticarmory.com it's up to you to use those to your benefit.
    In addition, we will provide daily motivational posts, recipes, and training tips! Such posts will help you build an interactive following, which is key to your success as a rep.
    Post images of you wearing your gear, be personable, connect with others in the fitness community, and everything will come together!

    Above all, HAVE FUN! We don't care if you are the fittest, leanest, strongest, fastest, or most popular person on the Internet. You have been chosen to represent Athletic Armory because you are REAL! You are a real person and not some fantasy cover model hidden behind Layers of make up and Photoshop! It doesn't matter if you get 1 point a month or 100. HAVE FUN, ENJOY LIFE, LIVE PASSIONATELY, TRAIN HARD, AND INSPIRE OTHERS!

    Our goal is to create a community of people with similar goals.

    NOTE: This is a multi-tier, incentive-based program. Tier one includes reps, while tiers two and three include brand ambassadors and athletes, respectively. . Your success as a rep ultimately determines your promotional eligibility. To become a brand ambassador, you must first accumulate 100 points. Upon approval, elite level ambassadors are then considered for athlete status. Your growth within our company Is ultimately up to you! You can take this as far as you want to! Now get out there and start GRINDIN’

    How To Apply: 

    1) Download the affiliate application below, and answer each of its questions to the best of your ability. Copy and paste "Affiliate Application" link below. 

    2) Email the finished product to, athleticarmory@gmail.com


    Make Sure To:

    1) Check your past social media posts before applying. If we see things that don't suit Athletic Armory, then chances are we will not accept your application.

    2) Take your time writing us. Include your vision with Athletic Armory, your goals, your past accomplishments, etc. A brief "hi and bye" type email will not work for us, regardless of how awesome your social media pages are.

    3) Use our private Facebook page to your advantage. The rep hub is our baby, and we pride ourselves in our interconnectedness. Post relative, fitness related progress pictures, videos, memes, etc., and connect with other reps through the hub's wide variety of content. 




    Affiliate Application: