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    An Industry Divided

    An industry divided Scrolling through Instagram's popular page, I noticed an oddly disturbing trend amongst today's fitness influencers. It does not matter who you are or what you bring to the table, others will unjustifiably belittle you and criticize your...

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    The Social Zombie

    In a world of "motivational speakers" and social media giants, where trends are king, society is falling victim to others' outrageous thoughts, beliefs, and practices. Essentially, any influencer with a large enough following and a haphazard idea can post about...

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    Be A Warrior

    Warrior- a person who shows vigor, courage, and aggressiveness in battle. A warrior has vigor. His body is strong and capable, and his mind sharp and willing. He will outsmart your intelligently thought out action plan, and outwork your most...

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